I love you till the sun dies.

My family had their annual Hari Raya gathering today and Fina and her brothers recorded a video of themselves singing a really sad Eid song, just for me. Right in the feels. (I’ve posted it on my instagram!)

Maaf zahir dan batin, Mama.

I miss you, I miss all of you.

(Photos above are a collection of past years celebration. No, it wasn’t just a yearly affair. We were close. We had family gatherings every week.

Until I left home.)

Erm, well.. Selamat Hari Raya.

It’s Raya tomorrow, and I’m getting all emotional again. I’m missing everybody. I feel extra, extra alone tonight. I don’t want to eat maggi. I’m tired of maggi. I feel like puking thinking about maggi. Please let there be one Malay stall that opens selling ayam merah tomorrow. Please please please please please please. I need to not break down and cry tomorrow. I got this.

I met my Secondary school friend yesterday. HUIFEN!!! Such a joy to be around. We caught Sons of Ben playing at Esplanade outdoor theatre. I’ve been hunting down all these free performances and dragging my friends and brother to accompany me. Eh, is it I cheapskate. Heh. Sons of Ben were really, really good though. The lead singer, Aman, was so fuckin’ sexy lah please. From his voice, to his head, all the way to his toes. Huifen was obsessed.

Anyways, I’m still annoyed my fringe is growing too slowly. I can’t even let my hair down cos the fringe makes me look extra stupid. How and whyyyyy would girls get bangs?! For the last time, and a reminder for myself for always: BANGS/SHORT FRINGE IS NOT SEXY.

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And below we have my baby brother rockin’ the Good Rollin’ tee. You rollers should be able to purchase directly from @slickrickdaroller on Instagram! 

My fringe is taking forever to grow. 😦

Bangs/Short fringe of any kind is not sexy, guys. I still regret this impulsive haircut on a daily basis.

I need to wake up with this fringe tomorrow, ok?

Why am I blogging about something as trivial as my hair?

Because the small annoying things are easier to talk about than my actual problems.

It comes in waves. Tonight, I’m drowning.

Tale as old as time

I have probably watched Disney’s 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast animation about a million times as kid. (I’m guessing it is why I am obsessed over roses today?) I have even seen the musical at MBS and watched the french version… (I will watch it all) Which was why I was ridiculously excited to watch the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake!

How pretty is this lah, seriously?!

Obviously I was so bloody disappointed when I found out these were limited edition tumblers sold only in Malaysia and Thailand cinemas. Why you do this to me.

So, anyway… I am obsessed! It may be a tale as old as time, but it was retold with so much charm, grace and freshness! Emma Watson embodies Belle’s characteristics and demeanor perfectly. I thought the remake was really clever and some of the iconic musical numbers are particularly visually engaging. The movie completely dazzled my eyes and ears. I want to watch it a thousand more times! Yasssssss.

I would very much hope to have my own enchanted rose someday! Why do pretty things always have to be so expensive? Why do I always want pretty things? Why you do this to me. I hope they start selling this everywhere in Singapore so the prices will eventually go down. Heh.