Life is no picnic, unless you are at a picnic!

[26 February 2017] – Because I’ve been lazy to blog.

I have always enjoyed planning parties and seeing it all come together, but this surprise picnic I planned for Sherry was by far my favorite!

Botanical Garden is such a lovely place for an intimate picnic because of the space – no matter how many other groups decide to have a picnic that day, there won’t be a problem of overcrowding. So you can lay out the biggest mat you have and you still have a lot of grounds to yourself!

We laid out a hugeass 2mx2m picnic mat, enough for 6 people to comfortably sit on, and set up all the items, 80% of which were bought from Daiso – which happens to be my favorite place on earth to buy all the nonsense I want and may not need!

I fried some of our favorite food and we bought sushi and croissant – to have a little bit of sandwich picnic feels.

Birthday girl loves donuts, and I noticed how nobody really finishes a birthday cake at parites when there are so many other food to eat… So a donut-stacked cake it is.

Of course it rained 10 min after this photo was taken, so we ran to the nearest shelter just 10 feet away. And since picnic is a state of mind, we had our picnic under the huge shelter and had a ton of fun anyway! We ate and we ate and played charades until the sun disappeared.

Unfortunately, the day did not end very well for the birthday girl. Apparently she’s allergic to some insects, and went home with hives and ended up having to get needle-poked by the doctor.

After this picnic, I had a very strong urge to have another picnic, something a little more elevated! Growing up, my family and I go on a lot of picnics. I have always enjoyed them a lot, and I think I want to start having more picnics in future. All I’m missing now is a picnic basket!


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