Joey Doesn’t Share Food!

[11 March 2017] Advanced Birthday Celebration with my very own Phoebe & Monica!

Central Perk Singapore

I’ve been a FRIENDS fan for as long as I can remember. I’ve re-watched season 1 to 10 more than I can count so I pretty much have got the script memorized!  So it doesn’t  make sense to me when someone tells me “I haven’t watched Friends”. I always feel like you can’t possibly be my friend if you haven’t watched Friends. It’s the best TV show on earth, guys!

So we decided to check out the newly opened Central Perk and had coffee before dinner.

We didn’t order any main course because we already made reservations at RV burger, but the menu looks so fuckin’ awesome, we agreed we would come back for the food. I think the place probably just looks a little too brand new; Give it a few more months, it will very likely look a little bit more rustic and authentic. It is a lot bigger than expected though. Oh, and I love that they’re streaming episodes of Friends on the big screen. I could probably sit there all day. I didn’t take a picture of the trademark couch cos there were a big group of people already lounging. But hey, there’s always a next time!

And of course my favorite part of the whole cafe – Monica’s Kitchen! It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. #replicaonpoint

I mean, seriously… How cute does everything look?!

Look, guys… Hugsy!!!

I cannot wait to return! And maybe by then, their marketing department would have realized their merchandise are way too pricey, and hopefully bring the prices down soon lah hor?

We headed off to RV burger right after – where everyone loved their beef burger. Not being a fan of red meat, I ordered the chicken burger which wasn’t so great.

After dinner, the girls surprised me with the cutest cake! I honestly was not expecting it at all.

🎶I’ll be there for youuuu, when the rain starts to fall🎶

Melted polka dots; but still cute nonetheless.

I cannot thank these people enough for bringing so much color and joy into my life. I am truly very appreciative of everything they do for me. It was an incredibly great day!

Phoebe, Rachel, Monica


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