Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ 

[12 March 2017]

My baby brother #matrepbjj, won gold in the over 88kg division and bronze in the absolute rounds during the latest Grapple Asia Competition! Yay, Fatboi!

He won three matches in a row by submission with his trademark move – cos he Arm Triangle Boss nigga! So fucking awesome! #cashhimoussidehowbowdah

Click on link below to watch him in action! The rest of his matches can be found on my YouTube page on the link below.

Syafiq – Evolve MMA – SEA Grapple 2017

And in case any one is wondering how our Dad looks like, he looks exactly like the guy in the middle – Teco Shinzato. I really thought he was my long last father the first time I saw him. I kid you not.

Also, if you like the gorgeous lightweight gi with amazing details my brother is wearing – Artisan XX competition gi in blue, check out Vambora and quote <SYAFIQ5> for a 5% off your purchases!


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