Tale as old as time

I have probably watched Disney’s 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast animation about a million times as kid. (I’m guessing it is why I am obsessed over roses today?) I have even seen the musical at MBS and watched the french version… (I will watch it all) Which was why I was ridiculously excited to watch the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake!

How pretty is this lah, seriously?!

Obviously I was so bloody disappointed when I found out these were limited edition tumblers sold only in Malaysia and Thailand cinemas. Why you do this to me.

So, anyway… I am obsessed! It may be a tale as old as time, but it was retold with so much charm, grace and freshness! Emma Watson embodies Belle’s characteristics and demeanor perfectly. I thought the remake was really clever and some of the iconic musical numbers are particularly visually engaging. The movie completely dazzled my eyes and ears. I want to watch it a thousand more times! Yasssssss.

I would very much hope to have my own enchanted rose someday! Why do pretty things always have to be so expensive? Why do I always want pretty things? Why you do this to me. I hope they start selling this everywhere in Singapore so the prices will eventually go down. Heh.


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